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Strategic assignment on Nakheel Developer, Dubai

Number of Words : 1752

Number of References : 10


  Executive summary
  Nakheel Developer – About
  Products/Businesses and Price points
  Competition and Comparison
  Analysis and Forecasting


The recent economic slowdown, high rate of inflation and slowdown in consumer demand, has shaken many industries from both a product as well as service perspective. Infrastructure sector i.e. Real Estate has been a major of them, continuing with the flavour of Sub-prime etc. Hindrance came from dual direction, hit them, availability of land, increased land prices and affordability issue as far as the consumers are concerned. In addition to this, the input cost has also become high. We would try and probe in this issue further by comparing two large construction firms of Dubai market, which is considered the hub for real estate construction in the globe. We would try and see how have these two firms, market capitalization been effected or no, keeping in line with the global economic health. <br />

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