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Need Aanlysis Report on Woolworths

Number of Words : 2358

Number of References : 23


 This report is based on the following requirement -
 You are to prepare a Needs Analysis of an organisation that you can obtain access to. This is an applied assignment, and it is essential that you are able to apply the knowledge in the subject to a real organisation. This assignment relates to topics 2-5 of the subject. 
 This Needs Analysis should identify:
  One (1) main training and / or development need
  Recommend options Eg. training programs that would address this need. 
 In your submission, you will need to address the following:
 - The choice of methods used in the Needs Assessment
 - Gaps identified between required performance and actual performance
 - Justification for your recommendations
 - Using reference to relevant learning theories from this subject, why the specific training program (including the delivery style) meets the identified skill development need/s of the organisation and their staff cohort/s. 


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