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Project report on product launch of New patented herbal hair oil by Dabur India Limited

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  Executive summary
  Scope statement
  Work breakdown structure
  Responsibility assignment matrix
  Project communication plan
  Budget plan
  Schedule plan
  Issue and change management plan
  Quality specifications
  Project dependencies
  Project metrics
  Human resource requirements
  Roles & Responsibilities
  Project closure
  Project recommendations


Every company wants to launch the “right” products in the market quickly and retain loyal customers for a long time. So why is this so difficult for most companies? Often, product launch failures are due to such fixable factors as: poor understanding of user needs; lack of competitive analysis; lack of understanding of regulatory or channel issues; lack of up-front planning; and poor cross-functional communication. This project focuses on launching a new product by the multinational organization, Dabur India Ltd. It considers some of the processes which are essential to the successful launch of a product, such as the marketing strategy for the product, the product’s positioning, launch strategy and post launch analysis.<br />Product launch normally involves steps for mass production, marketing strategies, necessary documentation, training of sales and support personnel, internal as well as external, channel setup, setting up of technical support and customer service facilities (DRM Associates, 2002). Mass production involves production unit setup, quality assurance process and deliverance as per planned specifications. Marketing strategies include many factors like attractive packaging, documentation of product literature, identifying target market, advertising, promotional campaigns, channel network setup etc. It also involves direct and online selling (DRM Associates, 2002). <br />Market launch involves the introduction of a new product into the market. Market launch alone does not involve production aspects. The company marketing the product may or may not manufacture the product itself. It could market the product manufactured by some other company. There are various factors that need to be considered before the market launch. They are benefits from the overall marketing strategy, level of penetration into the market, impact of advertisements in print and electronic media in terms of image building and economic terms, consumers satisfaction, the section of society that buys the product most, the variant of the product that is more successful, if any, optimum price etc. (GFK Austria, 2009). <br />In their article on methods and apparatus to improve market launch performance, Adrien Christopher, Stagaman Joseph & Wilke Joseph discusses the methods and apparatus to improve market launch performance (Adrien Christopher, Stagaman Joseph & Wilke Joseph 2007). According to the them, manufacturers or marketing agencies to whom the launch of a new product is entrusted, may employ techniques or sample surveys to determine as to whether the product itself or the manner in which the product is marketed yield maximum benefits. The marketing groups may also employ qualitative research methods that include setting up focus groups in order to determine consumer attitudes, reactions, expectations etc. Product marketers may also employ opinion polls on sample groups and the results obtained may be extrapolated to derive conclusions about the general population or demographic groups. This is done with the help of questionnaires presented to consumers for their opinions (Adrien Christopher, Stagaman Joseph & Wilke Joseph 2007).<br />

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