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Assignment on News values applied in India

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  News crafting procedure
  Application of news values in India


News is a part and parcel of our daily life, some tend to casually sift through it, some are diligent readers and followers, some are completely uninformed and some are flippant readers. But all put together, news take up a part of our day, everyday, in whatever portion we choose to take. At times, we tend to criticize or praise some news, news-readers, channels or the broadcasting media. That our criticism or praise is justified or no, we definitely rather hardly ever try and scrutinize. We got to know the every piece of news we read, watch or listen to is originated from where, how and by whom? Do the people or the group think and evaluate their thinking before each piece of news is broadcasted or publicized? What piece of information makes it to become news and how? <br />

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