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Financial Performance analysis of Next Plc, a British Retailer

Number of Words : 3071

Number of References : 11


 Introduction 3-5
 2. Results / Findings 6-8
 3. Analysis / Discussion
  3.1 Gauging the primary risks of Next Plc 9
  3.2 Management of Financial Value Drivers
  3.2.1 Operating Effectiveness 10-12
  3.2.2 Investments Undertaken 12-13
  3.2.3 Financial Prudence and Capital Structure 13-14
 4. Conclusion 15-16
 5. Recommendations 17
 6. References 18


This report seeks to gain an insight into the fundamental value drivers of Next Plc. It focuses primarily on the financial strategies and soundness of the company. The next section presents some of the key ratios for the company. The third section presents a brief analysis of the value drivers together with a discussion about the major risks and financial structure of the company. Finally on the basis of the current market valuations, and an analysis of the richness/cheapness of the security, an investment decision is arrived at.<br />

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