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Assignment on Non-Financial Performance Measure tools

Number of Words : 2771

Number of References : 14


 1. Introduction 3
 2. Non financial performance measure tools 3
 2.1. Performance measurement dimension 4
 2.2. Types 5
 2.3. Advantages 5
 3. Current performance measure adopted in the organization 6
 4. Balance scorecard 7
 5. Current performance measure tool vis-à-vis balance scorecard 9
 6. Evaluation 10
 6.1. Strength of current performance measure tool 10
 6.2. Weakness of current performance measure tool 11
 7. Recommendations 12
 8. Conclusion 13


The objective behind writing this report is to analyze the importance of measuring the performance of non financial variables of the organization. Implementing a strategy is not enough, it is very crucial to measure the effectiveness of the implemented strategy. Financial measures are visible tool, they influence the organizations position directly, whereas, non financial data impact the organizational position indirectly. Non financial measures such as employee performance, marketing department performance, organizations goodwill, brand equity also impact the overall position of the organization greatly. Non financial performance measure tool will help in correlating the financial information with non financial performance information, and provide a holistic view about the growth of the organization.<br />

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