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Critical evaluation assignment on the notion of flexicurity

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 Abstract on assignment on Danish economy
 Introduction Danish Economy
 The notion of flexicurity
 Background & Evolution – Job mobility, The Danish Unemployment Compensation system, The active labor market policy, Labor Market Reforms and the Danish Job Miracle
 Consequences of flexicurity measures- for enterprises, individuals and member state
 Is flexicurity a feasible approach?
 Concerns critical evaluation assignment on Danish employment system
 Conclusion on Danish economy


Concept of Flexicurity has been quite a rage these days. Its speedy success in <br /><b>Danish economy</b> has created the ripples in the other European and Nordic countries. In layman term the notion of Flexicurity can be explained as fast hire and fire phenomenon. The phrase may sound negative but it’s another way to combat unemployment and bring stability in economy. The term Flexicurity revolves around two elements- Flexibility and Security.<br />While many economists have hailed flexicurity as being the ideal way to generate an active job market, others remain unconvinced, saying it is costly, keeps people from looking for work and kills ambition.<br />

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