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Occupational Health and safety assignment using the example of famous Chernobyl Nuclear power plant disaster of Ukraine

Number of Words : 3233

Number of References : 12


  Chernobyl disaster
  Issues related to Disaster
  Organization and Management approach
  Physical Environment
  Rules and Procedures
  Workers knowledge and skills
  Timeline of the Events
  People and Organization involved
  Workplace involvement and spheres of influence
  Make the Changes


The one of the famous nuclear disaster took place in Chernobyl Nuclear power plant of Ukraine on 26 April 1986. There were some chemical reactions leading to the explosion subsequently release of the radioactive harmful substances in the atmosphere which soon covered western USSR and Europe. It involved around 500000 workers and is considered the worst nuclear disaster.<br />On April 26, 1986, a system test was going on at reactor number four when suddenly power output surged, so an emergency shutdown initiated, but it failed and lead to extreme spike in power output resulting rupture of reactor vessels and finally series of explosions taking place. But it was not enough and the graphite moderators of reactors come in with air resulting it to ignite further. This caused the fires to release of highly dangerous radioactive flames in the atmosphere which soon covered a large area of the surrounding geography.<br />

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