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Essay on Offshoring

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 Executive summary
 This essay answers the following question on Offshoring – 
What is the debate over “offshoring”?
 What sort of challenges to societies, corporations and stakeholders is “offshoring” likely to present?
 What implications are there for corporate policy? 


<b>Offshoring</b> is the relocation by a company of a business process from one country to another ,typically an operational process, such as manufacturing, or supporting processes, such as accounting. Even state governments employ <b>offshoring</b>. <b>Offshoring</b> has been associated primarily with the sourcing of technical and administrative services supporting domestic and global operations from outside the home country, by means of internal (captive) or external (outsourcing) delivery models, which has led the super economies of the world to grow at a faster pace, and hire a low cost employee from a developing nation and labor arbitrage, this helps in corporate profitability. <b>Outsourcing and offshoring</b> has helped the nations to develop at an equal pace.<br />

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