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Analysis of the famous OHS System case study on Regency Hotel

Number of Words : 5324

Number of References : 10


 Introduction 3
 OHS&S Management Structure 3
 Roles, Responsibilities and Lines of Authority 4
 Communication and Information Systems 5
 Security Perimeters 6
 Hotels OHS Policy and Document 7
 OHS Consultation and Representation 7
 OHS training Policy 7
 Hazard Management 8
 Elements of Hazard Management Structure 9
 Hazard Identification 9
 Risk Assessment 10
 Risk Prioritization 10
 Risk Control 11
 Specific Hazards 11
 Emergency Evacuation 12
 Hazard Management System 12
 Coordinate Management of OHSS MS 14
 OHS Policy 14
 Consultation and Communication 14
 Hazard Management 15
 Hazard management policy 15
 Incident management procedure 15
 Emergency Procedures 16
 Evacuation 16
 Emergency control organization 17
 Training 17
 Records 17
 OHS Management System Evaluation 18
 Incident Investigation evaluation 18
 Overall OHSS MS Evaluation 19
 Conclusion 19
 References 20
 Appendix 22
 1. Management Structure Tree Diagram 22
 2. Communication Flow Tree Diagram 23
 3. List OHS & S responsibilities for employees 23
 4. Managers and Supervisors 24
 5. External Security Perimeter 24
 6. Internal and inner security perimeter 24
 7. Regency Hotel’s OHS Policy 25
 8 Summary nominating types of consultation method for 26
 9. Health and Safety Representative Nomination form 26
 10. Health and Safety Representative Election Nomination 26
 11. Sample Staff Feedback Form 28
 12. Accident Injury Report Form 29
 13. Incident Log 30
 14. OHS Action Plan 30
 15. OHSS Responsibility Matrix 31
 16. Flow Chart demonstrating Incident Management Procedure 32
 17. Flow chart of OHSS MS Auditing Procedure 33
 18. Flow Chart of Emergency Evacuation Procedures 34
 19. Flow Chart of Hazard Management Procedure 35
 20. Flow Chart for Incident Management Procedure 36
 21. Hierarchy of Control Measures 37


Occupational Health, Safety and Security Management (OHSS MS) has gained a lot of momentum in the recent years. It is of prime importance and responsibility of an organization to ensure the safety and security at its workplace. The government and various organizations are stressing on the importance of OHSS MS at the workplace as it ensures the safety of the workforce as well as the customers and clients of an organization. Organizations have realized the importance of an OHSS MS at workplace as it not only ensures the safety and security at the workplace but also gives a competitive edge in the market by creating a responsible and customer friendly image (Gunningham, 1999). It instills confidence among the workforce and the customers of an organization.<br />This report is aimed at explaining and recommending appropriate OHS systems, procedures and policies to the executive management of Regency Hotel. There have concerns over the security and safety at The Regency Hotel due to its unrestricted public access to some of the facilities in the hotel. The following report will look into the various aspects of an OHSS MS and recommend the management on improving and meeting the needs and complying with the laws of occupational health, safety and security<br />

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