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Questions on Oman law

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This paper answers the following questions on Oman law – <br />Q1) Mr. Asaad decides to buy a new BMW car as a new model from XYZ Company, the total amount is O.R. 18000 and he pays O.R. 2000 as an advance and the remaining amount is paid by cheques in installments for five years, Mr. Asaad also provides all the required documents and he gets the car. <br />From the above case answer the following questions with evidences from the law of Contracts.<br />a. Explain with articles when Asaad can become the owner of the car?<br />b. By the end of the first year Asaad decides to sell the car to somebody else before paying all the cheques, because of his critical financial position. Discuss the important steps to be followed by Asaad.<br />c. What will happen if Asaad delays in paying the installments on time?<br />Q 2) Explain any one of the following Torts:<br />d. a. Tort of Negligence<br />e. b. Tort of Nuisance<br />f. c. Tort of Defamation<br />g. Give example for any one case which you have chosen.<br />Q 3): Distinguish between Limited Omani Joint stock Company and General Omani Joint Stock Company; give examples of organizations representing both of them.<br />

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