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Reflective assignment on Competitive heterogeneity - resource based view of the firm

Number of Words : 669

Number of References : 4


 This report is based on the following requirement -
 Competitive heterogeneity: resource-based view of the firm
  Barney 1991 “Firm resources and sustained competitive advantage”
  Peteraf 1993 “The cornerstones of competitive advantage: the resource-based view”
  Wu 2007 “Entrepreneurial resources, dynamic capabilities, and start-up performance…”
 After reading the above 3 articles, write your reflection (no more than one page single-spaced).
 The “reflections” page should address the following issues:
  What assumptions do the authors make in the assigned readings? How reasonable are those assumptions?
  What are the practical implications of the readings assigned for this week for firms, individuals, or the society as a whole?
  What did you find in these readings that was perplexing, counterintuitive, or breaking the conventional wisdom? Why?
 You should structure your reflection into three sections covering the three questions above.


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