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Organisations behaviour case study on a furniture manufacturing company Gamrina Ltd

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 This report is based on the following scenario -
 ‘Ġamrina Ltd’
 ‘Ġamrina Ltd’ is a furniture manufacturing company operating from the Ta’ Qali Industrial Park. It specialises in manufacturing bespoke furniture for local clients. Due to the fact that furniture imports have increased drastically in the last ten years, it has seen its business model becoming more irrelevant in this day and age. The company is struggling to keep the business healthy and is considering some degree of diversification whilst maintaining the element of production.
 This organisation is a family run business and currently the son of the owner is the Managing Director. He aspires to grow and steer the busiess in the right direction and to adapt to modern trends in the manufacturing sector. The majority of the workforce has been employed with the company for more then ten years and are very loyal to the business. However they are not involved in the strategic decisions of the organisation and are merely involved in the day- to-day operations. Staff have become concerned lately and are worried about the decreasing number of orders which have been coming in. Naturally they do not feel that their job is secure.
 Meanwhile management is considering a tri-partite business model as follows:
 A Keep manufacture of bespoke home furniture.
 B Introduce bespoke joinery works and services to the maritime yachting
 C Import ready-made doors from Sicily offering sales and installation locally.
 Productivity has been suffering due to the fact that employees are rather demotivated by the uncertainty that they are experiencing. Management is aware of this situation, but uncertain about the best way forward so as to improve productivity whilst improving employee motivation, coupled with substantial organisational restructuring.
 Due to the new activity it is envisaged that the workforce will grow from thirty employees to fifty-five. However, half of the current workforce will remain in the factory, with the rest will be deployed on installations, either on yachts or involved in the installation of doors.
 You have been approached by management to act as an external consultant and advise about the new initiatives and the best way they could be implemented.


This paper answers the following tasks - <br />1) Describe at least two different types of organisational structures which may be considered by the management of ‘Ġamrina Ltd’ and also some considerations (at least three) to the formal and informal structures.<br />Illustrate and describe the choice of structure you are proposing for management’s consideration and then discuss the considerations to the formal and informal structures, clearly showing your knowledge and understanding of the structures.<br />2) Describe the corporate culture of ‘Ġamrina Ltd’ mentioning at least two types of cultures, and how these may effect management in their plans to grow this organisation with consideration to span of control, communicaton and also decision making within the newly restructured organisation<br />3) By referring to at least two theories of motivation, explain the relationship between motivation and performance and suggest at least three activities the management of ‘Ġamrina Ltd’ can implement to ensure both elements are given due attention.<br />4) Examine the leadership traits (at least two) typically exhibited by the management of ‘Ġamrina Ltd’ and other leaders within the organisation showing knowledge of the terms transformational, transactional and situational leadership when applied by management.<br />5) Outline the importance of having an organisation chart in relation to the factors (at least seven) that are to be studied before a new organisation chart is designed by the management of ‘Ġamrina Ltd’ during the restructuring phase.<br />6) Analyse the development of management theory and give examples (at least seven) relating to the schools of thought (Scientific/ Classical/ HRM/Neo HRM/ Systems/ Contingency) and explain the relevance of such theory to management’s approach at ‘Ġamrina Ltd’.<br />7) Analyse the contrasting elements of motivation theories by giving at least seven examples of the relevance of such theories to ‘Ġamrina Ltd’ in its current situation analysing their practical use by management. You need to include at least the following theories: Hygiene and motivation theory; Hierarchy of needs; Expectancy theory.<br />8) Apply your skill, as an external management consultant, to design a new organisation chart for ‘Ġamrina Ltd’ incorporating the three areas of business. Evaluate the elements (at least ten) which make up the suggested organisation chart. The elements should include the three different business activities the company will engage in following restructuring, the management and also the supervisory structures.<br />9) Given that you have re-designed the new organisation, evaluate the sources of managerial authority within this organisation and compare the new lines of authority and responsibility to the previous set up. At least five positions of authority are to be evaluated.<br />

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