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Complete Organizational and Strategic analysis of Schlumberger Oman

Number of Words : 9397

Number of References : 24


 Introduction 3
 About Schlumberger 4
 Problem Statement 4
 Analysis of the factors leading to the issue 5
 Solutions to overcome the Identified Issues 12
 Critical Evaluation of the frameworks used to analyse the Issue 15
 McKinsey’s 7 s Model 18
 Leavitt’s Diamond shaped model 20
 Critical Evaluation of the frameworks used to provide recommendations 22
 Jay Galbraith’s Star Model 22
 Alderfer’s ERG Theory 24
 Recommendations 26
 Conclusion 29
 References 31


The report analyses the factors leading to the issue and provides recommendations to overcome the issues of the organization using different management theories and frameworks. The report also analyses the management frameworks and theories used and provides justification for their use in analysing and addressing the issues.<br />

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