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Questions on Organizational Behaviour and Management

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 This paper is based on the following questions -
 Part One:
 Leadership is a social process, whereby an individual influences the behaviour of others without the use of threat or violence, and as suggested by Rollinson (2010, p.189) a leader can be defined as “someone who occupies a role which involves conforming to a set of behavioural norms and expectations emanating from followers, in return for which they confer upon the leader a degree of power that (within prescribed limits) allows the leader to influence their actions”. Management, on the other hand, involves the exercise of formal authority over the work of other people and Rollinson (2010, p.188) defines a manager as “a person formally appointed to a role in the organisational hierarchy, associated with which is the formal authority (within prescribed limits) to direct the actions of a subordinate”.
 Discuss the importance of these approaches to leading and managing people in organisations.
 (50% Marks)
 Part Two:
 Hard Systems Model for Change HSMC is a method “that has been developed for designing and managing change...... it provides a rigorous and systematic way of determining objectives or goals for change; this is followed by the generation of a range of options for action...” Senior (2006)
 Critically evaluate this statement by determining what organisational situations may be either appropriate or inappropriate to employ Hard Systems Model for Change HSMC.
 (50% Marks)


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