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Organizational change Assignment on Infosys

Number of Words : 3517

Number of References : 13


 Introduction 2
 Organizational Change 2
 Change Management 3
 Change Models 4
 Identifying and Defining change 5
 The need for change 5
 Change Plan 6
 Change Implementation 7
 Challenges to implementation 7
 Implementation models 8
 Criteria to choose implementation model 9
 Change Measurement 9
 Change Progress 10
 Measuring Change 10
 Offsetting Adverse effects of Change 11
 Change Analysis 11
 Impact of Change 12
 Conclusion 13
 References 14


The paper discusses the organizational changes, and models; it also discusses the change implementation models in general. The paper discusses how the leading IT company, Infosys Technologies Limited addresses these essentials of the organization. The paper further discusses the measurement of the changes introduced in the organization by using analytical tools. In the end the paper discusses the review of the impact of change which is analyzed to understand the entire change implementation cycle.<br />

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