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Organizational Culture assignment on Toyota Motors

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 Introduction 2
 Organizational Culture 2
 Toyota Organizational Culture 3
 Socio-structural system 4
 Cultural 6
 Pros and Cons of Toyota’s Culture 7
 Pros 7
 Cons 8
 Conclusion 9
 References 10


Organizations across the world today are constantly endeavouring to establish strategic competitive advantages. This is due to the fact that significant improvements in technology or management are either no longer available or are very cost effective to implement. Systems such as ERP systems, IT systems, Six Sigma and others are examples of such efforts. Therefore, in the following sections, the organizational culture of a company that is at the top of its industry and has been able to successfully adopt it as a strategic competitive advantage is examined in detail. In addition to the various benefits that arise out of the culture of Toyota, some challenges that the stakeholders of the company might face are also examined, especially with respect to the Australian market (Pfeffer, 1996). <br />

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