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Literature Survey Report on Organizational development in Indian IT industry using quality and project management practices

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  Summary of the topic


A literature survey is the review of the different literary sources in a particular study area in the form of literature review. The literature survey helps in the extraction of the information from different academic literatures in relation to the study undertaken. The literature survey mainly relies on the concise overview of the already existing studies about the particular topic. The literature survey is conducted in thematic or chronological form. The literature survey is mainly conducted on the basis of the textbooks, scholarly journal articles, and other related sources in the direct context of the area of research in order to do critical evaluation of the those works to investigate the different associated aspects of the research. <br />The following literature review is conducted in relation to the Indian IT (Information Technology) industry. The main context of the literature survey is the organizational developments held in the Indian IT industry with exercising quality and project management practices in the field of the information technology. With the help of this literature review the main advancements made in the Indian IT industry in terms of organizational development are analyzed. <br />

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