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Organizations have culture or Organizations are culture – Critical Discussion

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Number of References : 28


  Bolman and Deal's four frameworks
  Types of culture
  The case of an organization – ABC Consultants
  List of references


Business enterprises and entrepreneurs are an essential part of any society today as well as the global arena. They are the basic instruments of economic activity and they aim at satisfying our demands. Objective of these organisations are definitely profit making and extraction of cost but at the same time, the society expects a larger contribution today. Such enterprises vary in their characteristics, size and definitely products or services. They are segregated into industry sector they operate in and automatically attract a varied amount of talent pool from the market. In case we want to link the concept of culture to an organisation, the task would not be difficult as culture is made of people and so as organisations. If we could differentiate states by size and shape, we could relate them with small and big companies comprising of people coming from different cast, creed and religion. Very similar to when a society and its culture effects the neighboring, an organisation culture also affects the society it operates in. We would evaluate whether the concept of culture is made or they just become one. <br />

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