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Assignment on the topic - “Outsourcing overseas post implementation systems support”

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 Introduction 2
 Choosing a service partner 2
 Measuring performance 3
 Managing performance 4
 Managing risks and exercising control 5
 Conclusion 6
 Bibliography 7


The 20th century has seen the rise and fall of many enterprises. However, with respect to industry field, it is safe to say that private enterprises have driven most of the advancements. This phenomenon has been a successor to the age when governmental organizations were dominant. Democracy together with a number of other factors has led to the growth of private organizations specializing in their respective fields. This in turn has led to the dependence of companies on one another no matter what their size in order to fulfil their requirements. Outsourcing has emerged as one of the results of these developments. In particular, business model which is based on outsourcing work to overseas facilities of emerging economies has matured. Hence, in the below proposal, the issues with respect to outsourcing the systems support function of a company are looked into in detail. The areas that need research and investigation for such an actvity are explored (Lee et al. 2003). <br />

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