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International Business Management assignment on Packo Manufacturing company, Australia

Number of Words : 5455

Number of References : 19


 Executive summary
 Industry Analysis
 Packo’s industry
 Statistics of size and growth of relevant industry
 Key location
 Government role
 Market Analysis
 Market segment
 Target market
 Competitor Analysis
 Swot Analysis
 International Strategy
 Mode Of Entry
 Control Measures
 Functional Strategies
 Marketing strategy
 Human Resource Strategy
 Financial Issues for Packo
 Conclusion and Forecast
 List of abbreviations


Packo manufacturing company is an Australian based company, which produces innovative production solutions for food processing and packaging industry. The company has been operating over 25 years and has expanded its Market to Dallas, Auckland and Dubai; it is due to the qualified personnel. Packo aims to expand its market into the European Markey by initially entering through Hungary. <br />Therefore a detailed analysis was carried out to know the environment of Hungary, Hungary would be fitting to Packo’s profile (appendix). The macro environmental factors gave a positive outlook for Packo to enter into a new market. However a detailed internal analysis of the industry was conducted which has been assessed in the following report.<br />The report consists of the packaging industry and market, which Packo is entering. The purpose of this report is to analyze and evaluate the mode of entry and strategy used by Packo to enter the Hungarian market. Thorough competitive and SWOT analysis has been made which has to be faced by Packo.<br />By entering the market through Strategic Alliance would be advantageous, in terms of sharing risks, profits and also sharing knowledge. Considering all these factors an appropriate mode of entry has been suggested along with strategies that Packo could use to gain market share. <br />Packo’s future looks good for International exposure due to the blend of its strengths and opportunities available in Hungarian market. Taking into consideration all the assumptions and relevant present and future scenarios it can be concluded that Packo should enter into Hungary by 2010 and establish relationships and make efforts to gain market share.<br />

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