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Paper on Pain management in Postoperative Neonates

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  Article 1 - A comparison of postoperative pain scales in neonates
 Authors: Suraseraniwongse, V, Kaosaard, R, Intakong, P, Pornsiriprasert, S, Karnchana, Y, Kaopinpruck, J and Saangjeen, K
  Article 2 - Assessing Postoperative Pain in Neonates: A Multicenter Observational Study.
 Authors: Taylor, B, Robbins, J, Gold, J, Logsdon, T, Bird, M and Anand, K
  Article 3 - Neonatal Procedural Pain: a survey of nursing staff
 Author: Elizabeth Dodds
  Similarities and limitations
  Conclusion of articles


– Increased knowledge, the use of technologies and enough research still seems to be not having the desired results in the pain assessment and management of neonates Effective and consistent pain management in postoperative neonates remains an issue of debate. Although, enough research has been carried out and sufficient pharmacological and nonpharmacological pain management methods being available, the implementation of pain management in postoperative neonates is far from being satisfactory. This article analyses three research papers on the assessment and management of pain in post operative neonate infants. This paper finds that there is a wide gap in the perception of what the nurses think neonate pain assessment and management is and the prescribed assessment and management of pain management. The nurses need to respond to behavioral changes of neonate infants in response to pain stimulators in a responsible way and administer effective pain management methods. <br />

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