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Comprehensive strategic analysis of Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore

Number of Words : 3766

Number of References : 11

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 Introduction 2
 Pan Pacific Hotel 3
 Pan Pacific Hotels & Resorts and its Proposed India Expansion 4
 PESTEL of Indian Markets 4
 Political 5
 Economical 5
 Social 6
 Technological 7
 Environmental 7
 Legal 8
 Porter’s Five Forces 9
 Supplier Power 9
 Buyer power 10
 Threat of new entrants 10
 Threat of Substitutes 11
 Rivalry 11
 7Ps for Competitive Edge in the Market 12
 Product 12
 Price 12
 Place 13
 Promotion 13
 People 14
 Physical Evidence 14
 Process 15
 Challenges of Globalization 15
 Conclusion 16
 References 18


Starting and managing international operations even for a well established company domestically could pose many challenges and threats just for the simple reason that market forces in the host country are alien to the company starting venture internationally (Adler, 2005). The success or otherwise of an international venture depends upon many factors like political stability in the host nation, governmental policies, customer behavior, per capita income, customer spending habit, market potential, competition and so many other factors (Baker, 1985). It is important for the company that is starting an international venture to have sustainable capabilities to absorb possible initial failures. Another major factor that influences the success or failure of an international venture especially in the hospitality industry is the culture and religion practiced in the host country. It is well known fact that consumption of pork is not allowed in some of the Middle Eastern Islamic countries. Even alcohol consumption is not allowed in some countries in the Middle East. The company that is venturing into an alien nation must study, understand and adapt to the culture of the host nation. India and China are the two of the fastest growing economies in the world, in the current millennium (Datamonitor, 2009). This paper critically analyses the environment for Pan Pacific, Singapore chain of 5 star hotels to enter into Indian market, which hitherto has not been tested by the company. The paper uses market environment analysis tools such as PESTEL, Porter’s market forces, 7Ps required for the success of a company. The paper finally recommends the measures and precautions Pan Pacific needs to take before entering into Indian markets. <br />

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