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Marketing Principles assignment on Parcelforce Worldwide

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  An Overview: A Word about the Company
  Range of Products offered by Parcelforce to the Target Market
  Target Market Segment for Parcelforce
  Trends in the Target Market Segment for Parcelforce Parcel Services
  Key features for Potential Market for Parcelforce
  Analysis of Parcel Services used in the Potential Market
  Marketing Mix
  Extended Marketing Mix


This assignment is based on the following scenario – <br />Scenario<br />Parcelforce is looking for a Marketing Executive who can work as part of the Marketing team to develop the brand name and company over the next 10 years. The successful candidate will undertake projects in the Marketing Department, and be entrusted to undertake research to enhance the Parcelforce marketing plan. The company has some exciting plans for future development and is looking for a Marketing Executive with new ideas that will help them meet their objectives. The successful candidate should be able to apply their knowledge about the company and their understanding of the extended marketing mix to help the company compete with global rivals and increase their market share. This accompanying information about Parcelforce has been sent with your invitation to interview to provide you with information about the company, their objectives, their marketing approach, their brand vision and strategy. You would be expected to research the company further. The interview process to recruit the best graduate for the role or Marketing Executive will involve two tasks: one individual and one group activity to help the company see how you work both in a team and alone. The first task involves preparing a handout. This should identify and analyse the individual elements of the extended marketing mix in relation to the company and demonstrate a thorough knowledge and understanding of the company to the selection committee.<br />The second task involves delivering a group presentation to the selection committee. In this you will be expected to apply the extended marketing mix to different segments and contexts relating to Parcelforce.<br />These tasks are described in detail below:<br />As part of Parcelforce's interview process to choose the best candidate for the position of Marketing Executive you are required to produce a handout about the company for the interview panel. This should fulfil the criteria below. Your notes in the handout should be in bullet points, attractively presented in a clear, logical manner. You can also use models, diagrams, graphs and charts as well as key terminology and definitions.<br />You should read the information given, and research the company further to produce this handout. It should demonstrate your ability to identify and analyse the individual elements of the extended marketing mix in relation to Parcelforce.<br />

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