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Ratio Analysis assignment on PBL Ltd

Number of Words : 2248

Number of References : 5


 Market size & history of Canadian Banks
Current investments
 Company’s strategy for PBL
 Ratio analysis of different revenue methods
 Recommendations to shareholders
 Appendices to company branding strategy of Canadian Banks


Pollard Banknote Limited (Pollard) is a Canadian company that manufactures and sells a range of gaming products for the lottery and charitable gaming industry. Pollard produces and provides a line of instant tickets and lottery services, including licensed products, distribution, retail telephone selling (tel-sell), marketing, Internet support, Social Instants and instant ticket vending machines , the revenue generation department is also engaged in <b>company branding strategy</b> development. In addition, Pollard’s charitable gaming product line produces pull-tab tickets, bingo paper, pull-tab vending machines and ancillary products, such as pull-tab counting machines. Pollard <b>business strategy</b> is to market gaming products to the commercial gaming sector, including such items as promotional scratch and win, transit tickets and parking passes.<br />

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