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PC Build Inc Case study

Number of Words : 1232


  Opportunity presented
  Bob & Mike being the right team?
  Evaluation of opportunity
  Should Bob & Mike start the business?
  Would I invest in the business?
  Existence of better opportunity
  Appendices – SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis, Porter 5 forces


This paper analyses the PC Build Inc case study and answers the following questions – <br />1) Briefly summarise the opportunity presented in the case. What factors give rise to this opportunity?<br />2) Do you think Bob & Mike are the right team to implement this opportunity? Why or why not?<br />3) Evaluate the opportunity using relevant screening techniques.<br />4) Based on the evaluation should Bob & Mike start the business? Why?<br />5) Would you invest in this business? Why?<br />6) Is there a better opportunity? If YES - what is it? If NO – what should Bob & Mike do next?<br />

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