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Report on Performance Appraisal and Training & Development in Tesco

Number of Words : 3974

Number of References : 14

Popular By : Tesco Human Resource Policies


 Introduction 3
 Company Background 3
 Human Resource Policies at Tesco 4
 Performance appraisal at Tesco 5
 Performance appraisal 6
 Purpose 6
 Performance appraisal tool 6
 360 degree feedback system 7
 Steering wheel technique 8
 Training and Development 10
 Training Needs Analysis at Tesco 10
 Tesco Academy 11
 Training programmes at Tesco 12
 Induction training 12
 Multi-skilling training 13
 Coaching and feedback 13
 On-the –job training 14
 Off-the -job training 14
 Apprenticeship programs 15
 Development programs at Tesco 15
 Conclusion 16
 Bibliography 18


The major objective of the paper is to comprehend the human resource practices at Tesco. The human capital can be considered as one of the critical success factors for the retail industry; therefore the human resource practices at Tesco helps to understand the continuously improvement strategies for the company. The performance appraisal system at Tesco are being discussed which also reveals the performance management practices and talent management at this fast growing retail chain. The training and the development for the employees at Tesco has also being illustrated through this report.<br />

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