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Analysis of Performance management System using the case study of Airbus Australia

Number of Words : 4639

Number of References : 16


 1. Executive Summary 04
 2. Introduction 04
 3. PM - Benefits 05
 4 PM - General Purposes 06
 5. PM - Criteria for effectiveness 07
 6. PM – Implementation in Airbus 10
 7. Recognition of fairness and inconsistency 12
 8. Periodic Review 14
 9. Recommendation 17
 10. Conclusion 17.


Performance Management helps in enhancing the achievement of the agency organizational goals and objectives. Its frame work helps in combining the organizational business, planning by the employees and the performance (Lebas, 1995). It clarifies the performance objectives and the value systems and links them with the organizational business plans. It helps to appraise the performance of the teams or individuals against achieving these objectives. It provides feedback from the appraisal system, it also provides with the reward system (Nadler, 1984). Employees are made to be aware of their responsibilities through a clear communication of what they are expected to do in the organization. Then they are provided with an extensive training in order to do that job. Then they are assessed for their performance periodically. If there is any deviation found in the alignment of their expected performance and the actual performance they are communicated about it clearly. Also if the employee’s objectives are found not in alignment with the organizational objectives, then they are educated about the same and their individual objective is aligned accordingly. Airbus has successfully invested in its performance management system, which has resulted in creating the human resource as its greatest asset, which has turned the organization to come out in flying colors. <br />

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