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Complete Strategic Analysis of Persol, an Italian eyewear producer

Number of Words : 3209

Number of References : 11

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 1. Executive Summary 2
 2. Background / Current Situation 3
 3. Company Analysis 3
 4. Customer Analysis 4
 5. Market / Competitor Analysis 5
 6. PESTEL Analysis 6
 7. SWOT Analysis 8
 8. Objectives 9
 9. Marketing Strategy 10
 10. Marketing Mix 11
 11. Implementation and Control 12
 12. Conclusions / Recommendations 12
 13. Appendices 13
 14. References 15


Marketing has emerged to become one of the most important activities for a firm. It is significant regardless of the nature of the company, but is especially important for a manufacturing firm. Therefore, we analyse the case of one such manufacturer, an Italian eyewear producer based in Turin. We study Persol with the aim of re – launching one of its products so as to achieve increased sales and spread to new customer bases. An in – depth analysis of company and customer characteristics reveals that it would be desirable to extend the product to a new customer class, the middle and upper – middle class. However, a number of challenges are present in marketing the product in such a way. During the course of its development, the proforma has helped establish the significance of marketing in achieving a number of objectives. <br />

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