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Questions on Physical Chemistry for Biologists

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This assignment answers the following questions - <br />1) Define the standard heat of combustion.<br />(2) Write the equations for aerobic and anaerobic respiration, stating the enthalpy for each reaction.<br />(3) Describe how you might measure the enthalpy of combustion for ethanol in the laboratory? <br />(4) With reference to the activity of catalysts, explain what is meant by the term activation energy.<br />(5) Describe how the rate of a reaction can be affected by each of the following: concentration, surface area, temperature, and catalyst.<br />(6) An experiment is set up to determine the affect of pH on enzyme activity. The enzyme amylase is tested at pH 3, pH 7 and pH 11. Predict with a brief explanation the results you would expect to find.<br />(7) Explain what is meant by the term dynamic equilibrium.<br />(8) what is meant by the terms pressure and partial pressure?<br />(9) Explain how knowledge of Henry's and Dalton's Laws can help divers avoid decompression sickness.<br />(10) The diagram shows a visking tubing experiment involving sucrose solutions of different concentrations<br />(11) Investigate practically diffusion involving glucose solutions<br />(12) Explain the vital role that diffusion and osmosis play in peritoneal dialysis<br />

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