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Paper on the policy of France on Multilateral International Pollution control and Supply of Oil to the world

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 This paper provides answer to the below question with respect to FRANCE –
 What is the given state’s policy on multilateral international pollution control, specifically in the area of sea pollution and radioactive materials? What traditional strategies would the state adopt in the event of a crisis? What is the state’s domestic population’s likely reaction to a pollution disaster? How dependent is the state on nearby fishing stocks and other economic uses of the oceans more generally? How dependent is the state on nuclear generators for its supply of energy?
 What is the given state’s policy on ensuring the continued supply of oil to the world? How far is it likely to go to ensure this access and what multilateral approaches would it undertake to supplement other approaches to such a blockage? Where does the state traditionally obtain its oil supplies, what short‐ term alternatives exist, and how self‐sufficient is the state? Is the state likely to gain or lose in the event of a sudden shortage in the supply of oil, and is it a member of OPEC?


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