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Internet Strategy for Portable Energy Inc

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  Understand the core business of Portable Energy Inc and determine the business strategy
  Determine critical success factors (CSFs) for the business
  Identify key benefits of using the Internet for this business based on the above requirements, which will form the basis of the IS strategy. Consider other peripheral benefits that may also add value to the proposal.
  This will provide the process detail needed to develop a functional specification and implementation steps, for the web site and to finalize the IT/IS strategy for the organization


– Internet has made a world small place to live in. internet has promoted globalization and thus all business and people can come in very easily. Many organizations and companies are using it for purpose of promotion and marketing of their business. Internet helps in reaching out to the people with their business and their strategies. Various business strategies are planned and adopted that circulate around the information system and internet. <br />There are different ways of marketing on internet like one to one approach, geo targeting, appealing to specific group of customers etc. The option of marketing chosen will depend on the company and it will be after that the internet strategies are planned. <br />Here the internet strategies are being explained using the company called Portable Energy Inc. <br />

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