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Preperation of a Business plan

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 This assignment is based on the following requirement -
 You are required to write a business plan either for a business idea you have – this can be a real or an imaginary business - or one for an existing small business showing its growth path. Whilst you do not have to follow any precise format, you are expected to cover all the main elements of a plan, make certain your business plan covers all the areas covered in the marking criteria and grading grid.
 There is a grading grid for this assessment in the Appendix to the Handbook.
  Clarity, consistency and originality of value proposition(s) 10%
  Clear identification of target market segment(s) 10%
  Comprehensiveness of market and competitor analysis 10%
  Consistency/originality of core marketing & entry and/or growth strategies 10%
  Comprehensiveness and accuracy of financial projections 20%
  Comprehensive identification of resources required and financing 10%
  Identification of material risks and their mitigation 10%
  Realism and practicality of plan 10%
  Overall presentation, including clarity of English 10%


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