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Discussion of President Obama’s Healthcare plan

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  Lack of Universal Healthcare System


The United States of America currently lacks universal health care system. President Obama’s healthcare reforms are aimed to address this issue indirectly. Instead of having the government to have a universal health care system, President Obama’s healthcare reforms are aimed at more people being covered by insurance so that the absence of universal health care does not affect the poor. The rationale behind President Obama’s, which he had promised to implement even during the run up to elections is that if all the people of America are covered under health insurance, then not only medical costs to individuals would come down, but also tax payers burden would be lessened since the federal government does not have to spend on those that are not insured. Although, it looks attractive bargain not all the individuals and families can afford to pay for the insurance. Obama has asked the middle and large size employers to include insurance coverage as a part of pay package and that the companies would get tax subsidies if they did so. Another proposal in much talked Obama’s health care bill is that for those that are not regularly employed or covered by insurance as part of pay package, discounts would be offered on premiums if children are also included by the health insurance. This paper discusses three sociological issues that are affected by the implementation of this bill. The first issue would be lack of universal health care system, second sociological issue would be unemployment and third issue would be that of increasing poverty in the world’s richest country.<br />

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