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Mini case study analysis on Procter and Gamble

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 P>M brands “serve about four billion of the six and a half billion people on the planet today” (P&G 2010). They carry a range of brands in product categories such as beauty and grooming, health and well being and household care. In the hair care category alone they carry eleven brands including: Pantene, Herbal Essences, Vidal Sasson, Wella, and Head and shoulders. This company is constantly innovating and developing new brands, and they attribute the majority of their growth over the last decade to new brands and product innovation.
 Every year the company launches new products targeted at carefully defined segments. Some of these products succeed over the long term, eventually becoming part of people’s lives while other’s fail to attract the necessary sales to justify their existence in the P>M suit of products.
 P&G focuses on understanding consumer needs, building purpose-inspired, benefit driven brands and developing products based on consumer desires. Their aim is to provide products of superior quality and value that improve consumers lives for now and for the long term, as they say “for generations to come” (P&G 2010). This company argues that the success of their company is based, in part, on their focus on the consumer
 Note: Details of the case are provided to give you some ideas about the organisation. You may also draw on you own experience of the organisation and the industry.
 Information about this company was collected from the Proctor and Gamble Website: http://www.pg.com
 This paper answers the following questions on the above case study –
 1. How could P&G use benefit segmentation when segmenting the beauty and grooming market? Identify two quite different market segments P&G could target using benefit segmentation. Describe these segments and discuss how these segments could be identified and reached by EM.
 2. Discuss how an understanding of the consumer behaviour concepts of learning and motivation would help P>M in their marketing of beauty and grooming products. Describe how these concepts could be applied in the context of purchasing beauty and grooming products.
 3. P>M develops a distinct brand for each of the different products within its portfolio. Discuss two concepts in consumer behaviour that would assist them in the design of a promotional campaign for a new brand. Use relevant examples to illustrate your discussion.
 4. Discuss the role of culture in shaping the purchase and use of P>M beauty and grooming products. Would a new beauty and grooming brand be readily transferable from one county to a range of other countries? Use examples to illustrate.


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