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Project Management Plan Critique - Sally’s Stock Feed Store Organisation’s Finance Web-Application Project

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This report summarises critique of Sally’s Stock Feed Store Organisation’s project management for its Finance web-Application project plan. Company allowed services of MLKB Team to construct an intranet based financial system to streamline and centralised its operations ranging in payrolls, Debtors, Creditors, BAS Calculation, Bank Reconciliation, Stock Control and Reports. Document is then created by MLKB team for the purpose of helping organisation and team understand the essential components of project management as it progress in its cycle. The primary goals of this report is to critically analyse the same project plan to correlate the concepts and practices of project management as theoretically explained by various scholars with practical scenario of Sally’s Stock Feed Store. Apart from this objective, the present report also aims at assimilating basic knowledge on project management, and tends to establish different knowledge processes and areas that Project Managers should aspire for so as to acquire and gain required skills to contribute better quality services whilst handling the project. .<br />

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