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Project plan for a Fashion Show

Number of Words : 5365

Number of References : 24


 Introduction 3
 Format 4
 Context 4
 Objectives 5
 Strategies 6
 Constraints 8
 Hypothesis 9
 About the company 9
 Organizational structure 10
 Roles and responsibilities (responsibility matrix) 11
 Responsibility Matrix of the Fashion Show 12
 Schedule (work breakdown) 12
 Work Break down structure with Schedule 13
 Budget 14
 Communication channels 16
 Risk management 18
 Quality management 18
 Acceptance of deliverables 20
 Conclusion 21
 Bibliography 21


This report is a blue print of all the actions that needs to be carried out for a successful event. It will include information on the format of the fashion show, the context of the report, the objectives of the fashion show, the strategies that will be followed to undertake this fashion show, the constraint that brand might face in the execution time of the show, it will help in doing contingency planning for the event, then this report includes information about the company, the organizational structure of Gucci. In the latter part of the report it describes the roles and responsibility matrix that will illustrate the future program of action, the risk analysis, the budget that will help in understanding the expected expenditure in the fashion show, the quality management system and the conclusion to summaries the main issues. <br />

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