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Project scope, Time & Cost Management Assignment

Number of Words : 3271

Number of References : 16


 Executive Summary
 Table of contents
 This should be a full comprehensive listing with respective page numbers of executive summary,
 introduction, main sections, references, individual appendices, and full listing of all figures and
 1. Introduction (150 words)
 Briefly state why the report has been prepared, what project is being analysed, and how the
 report is structured. Provide a brief background of the project.
 2. Project scope management (1000–1500 words)
 The comprehensive definition and management of scope throughout the life cycle of a project
 is regarded as one of the critical factors relating to project success.
 Provide a critical analysis of the issues relating to the definition and management of the scope
 of your project throughout its life cycle.
 3. Financial analysis (500 words)
 ❍ Discuss the factors that would influence the choice of discount rate to be used in a Net
 Present Value (NPV) analysis for your project.
 ❍ Discuss the value of a discounted cash flow analysis of your project. Determine the net
 present value (NPV) and the internal rate of return (IRR) of the cash flows of your project
 and explain the findings.
 4. Conclusion (200 words)
 Discuss the findings of the analysis carried out above in relation to your project in terms of
 significant ‘lessons learned’. What findings are important and represent a threat to the project
 5. Recommendations (150 words)
 Provide recommendations in response to the specific conclusions and lessons learned.
 List of references


The focus of the plan is to launch under the banner of Coca Cola Company a new product called ‘Health Water’. The venture stands to leverage two key USPs of Coca Cola company – the distribution network & brand. The Coca Cola Company is a renowned company with the largest network distribution in the beverages industry. Primarily the focus of this plan is to target the Australian market for the health water. Our research and projections indicate that the product would garner substantial volumes in the packaged drinks segment in its first full year of operations. Australia’s hot weather & the high average consumption of non-alcoholic drinks is the basis of this assumption.<br />Due to the uniqueness of the product, effective marketing and distribution networks, this project is expected to generate high revenue. Sales are expected to increase year after year with the increase of awareness regarding the product and its benefits. <br />The project involves a phase wise capital outlay of 287.9, 30 and 30 Lac AUD in the first three years. We have considered operations over a 10 years period and assumed that the assets would be sold at book value at the end of the project life. As per the financial feasibility analysis, @ 8% pa, discounting rate, the project is yielding a Net Present Value of 922.83 hundred ‘000 AUD over a period of 10 years starting FY 11-20. Based on the analysis, the project is recommended as a viable investment strategy.<br />

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