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Dissertation on “Why promotion and branding is important in marketing within the Automotive Industry”

Number of Words : 19266

Number of References : 31


  Background Study
  History of Automotive industry
  The Top Automating Nations
  Major Industry Players
  General Motors
  Ford Motor
  Volkswagen AG
  Maruti Suzuki
  Current automotive sector scenario
  Product promotion
  Aim of the study
  Objectives of research
  Significance and benefit of study
  Research Question
  Limitations of the Study
  Literature Review
  B2B Strategy
  Sales Promotion Techniques
  Focusing on your Target Audience
  Determining Your Brand's Objectives
  Brand Packaging
  Industry-wide Trends Create a Need for Action
  Brand Management in Automotive Industry
  Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of the Automotive Industry
  The marketing strategies and the current situations
  Promotion and branding changes by few major automotive players
  Research Question
  Quantitative Method
  Qualitative Method
  Data Analysis
  Method of Analysis
  Administration of Instruments
  Limitations of the Study
  Analysis and discussions
  Is promotion and branding important to your organization
  How promotion and branding important to you
  In your opinion how does branding affect an individual customer
  Are you against promotion and branding
  What types of promotion does your organization prefer
  How many promotional strategies do you encourage yearly
  Give a real example where promotion has affected your organization
  Does promotion really attracts customers
  How many customers get attracted towards branding
  How many customers get attracted towards promotion
  How many customers had decided to buy a car, after going through your promotion policies
  How many customers do you get encouraging direct cash
  How many customers do you get encouraging Easy Monthly Installments
  Does promotion and branding affects the customers
  If there is a top brand automobile, do the customers wait for its promotion or they go by the brand
  What does a customer actually see in a brand
  What do you think customers get attracted to
  Sales mostly affected by promotion to the organization
  Promotion and branding affect the organization
  From marketing prospective why do you select promotion and branding
  Promotion and branding affect an organization in its future plans
  Demographic response
  Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations
  Situation Analysis of Automotive Industry
  Challenges for Automotive industry
  The automotive industry future
  Recommendation for Further Research


The International Automotive production industry is a very large varied sector that consists of suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers of the original equipments, after market parts manufacturers, engineers, mechanics, Auto electricians, body repairers and painters. The manufacturers of the auto mobile parts & accessories comprise of the automotive that consists of truck manufacturing industries & auto mobile body vehicle manufacturers & parts of vehicle & supplies manufacturers. Manufacturing of light motor vehicles come under this section & automotives, motor vehicle bodies, cabs, chassis, trucks, buses, military vehicles’ etc. ( <br />The promotion and branding is one of the four key elements of the marketing mix strategies of the organization. The promotion and the marketing strategies employed by the automotive organizations are Promotion through the Media: eg. Radio, TV, Newspaper, Mobile, Internet, and advertising for the organization through the hoardings and ad campaigns etc. The automotive industry also uses the below the line promotion strategies. Below the line promotion strategies are desired to be subtle for the end customers. The below line promotion strategies used by the automotive industry may be sponsorship, endorsements, product placement, direct mail, personal selling, trade shows and public relations. (Lenskold, James D, 2003) <br />The branding also plays a very imperative role in the automotive industry. A brand is a sign, symbol, name, slogan or any such thing that is used to identify as well as distinguish the specific service, product or the business.It is very important that the potential customers have the awareness of the brand and they value the brand. The brand awareness refers to the ability of the customer to recognize and recall the brand under various conditions and link the brand to certain memory associations with the service and product attached with the brand. (Keller)<br />

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