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Proposal Marketing plan for Makia

Number of Words : 2249

Number of References : 12


 Introduction 2
 Product Description 2
 Organizational Mission and Objectives 3
 Situation Analysis 3
 SWOT Analysis 3
 Porter’s Five Forces 4
 Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Analysis 6
 Marketing Mix Review 7
 Future Strategic Alternatives 8
 Implementation 9
 Control & Evaluation 9
 References 11


Marketing is one of the important functions in every business and directly influences the success or failure of the business. Marketing strategies when developed and implemented by considering the environmental factors and target segments’ need and preference results in creating increased brand and product awareness and helps influencing the purchase decisions of the potential consumers (Wong, 2011). Makia is an organization, which produces handmade unique bracelets, which is aimed at offering the people with new and exciting product from Italy’s fashion market (Makie, 2016). Makia offers a fork as a bracelet, which are available in different designs and is based on the philosophy that energy flows where the attention of an individual goes (Makie, 2016). Makia manufactures the bracelets in Italy and the products are uniquely designed and is more than a fashion accessory and reflects uniqueness of mankind. Following is the marketing plan for Makia as it aims to enter the Australian market.<br />

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