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Dissertation on ‘the prospects of electronic banking system in the Tanzanian banks and financial institutions’

Number of Words : 18740

Number of References : 53


  1.1 Background of the Study
  1.2 Problem Statement
  1.3 Objectives of the Study
  1.4 Research Questions
  1.5 Scope of the Research
  1.6 Significance of study
  1.7 Research Hypothesis
  1.8 First National Bank Tanzania Limited
  1.8.1 Operational Structure
  1.9 Definition of Related Terms
 2. Literature Review
  2.1 Consumer and Internet Banking
  2.2 The View on Electronic Banking
  2.3 Electronic Banking and the Common Banking Products
  2.3.1 Telephone and PC Banking
  2.3.2 Cheque System
  2.3.3 Card System
  2.3.4 Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
  2.4 The Influence of Innovation on the Adoption of E-Commerce
  2.5 Perceived Cost
  2.6 Perceived Risk
  2.7 The Challenge Facing Tanzania
  2.8 The Entry of Tanzanian Banks into Electronic Banking
  2.9 Threats of Cyber Crime
  2.10 The Regulatory Challenges
  2.11 Electronic Banking Profitability and Efficiency
  2.12 Bank Customer Relationship
  2.13 Operations of Financial Institution
 3. Research Methodology
  3.1 Introduction
  3.2 Population of the Study
  3.3 Sampling Techniques
  3.4 Sample Size
  3.5 Source of Data
  3.6 Methods of Data Analysis
  3.7 Test of Hypothesis and Inference
  3.8 Data Collection Tools
  3.8.1 Primary Data
  3.8.2 Secondary Data
  3.9 Limitations of the Study
  3.9.1 The Employee Can Be Partial In the Response
  3.9.2 Lack of Faith on Format
  3.9.3 Lack of Interest
  3.10 Measures to Minimize the Effects of the Limitations
 4. Data Analysis and Discussion of Findings
  4.1 Introduction
  4.2 Presentation and Analysis of Data
  4.2.1 Qualification of Respondents
  4.2.2 Working Experience
  4.2.3 Designation of the Respondents
  4.2.4 Professional Qualification
  4.2.5 Department of Respondents
  4.2.6 Threat to Electronic Banking
  4.2.7 Threat Assessment
  4.2.8 Respondent Assessment of
  First National Bank Tanzania
  Electronic Banking System
  4.2.9 Information Technology Training Program
  4.2.10 Level of Electronic Banking
  4.2.11 Improvement of Customer Satisfaction
  4.3 Test of Hypothesis
  4.3.1 Hypothesis one
  4.3.2 Hypothesis Two
  4.3.3 Hypothesis Three
  4.3.4 Hypothesis Four
  4.4 Discussion of Findings
 5. Conclusion
 6. Recommendations
 7. References
 8. Appendix
  8.1 Questionnaire


Electronic banking has gained a lot of curiosity among bankers and more and more of them in Tanzania have started to implement the same in their day to day working. This new way of doing business is more efficient and convenient to both the banking system and the customers.<br />This research study has been made with an effort to study the prospects of electronic banking system in the Tanzanian banks and financial institutions. A key aspiration of the study is to find out the factors that influence the implementation of electronic banking in the country. <br />Past literature on use of technology, electronic banking and customer bank relationship have been studied to get an insight on the various models and theories related to the subject. These theories and models have provided with many aspects of use of technology in banking that have been utilized in the study.<br />The data for the research has been collected through questionnaires which were given to the employees of the First National Bank Tanzania Ltd.<br />The bank has developed an electronic system which had improved the Bank-Customer relationship. It is also advised that the bank should enhance the knowledge of its employees about the electronic banking and update all the legal codes, necessary to grow in the industry. <br />

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