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Assignment on Public management reforms in Australia

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 Public Sector Reforms
 Structure of Government - Australia
 Public Management Reforms in Australia
 The changing environment of policy making
 Workforce capability
 Performance and organizational capability
 Devolution and accountability
 Whole-of Government
 A unified public service defined by Values


Public administration could be broadly defined as the development, implementation and study of branches of the government policy. Its tasks include enhancing civil society, ensuring well-run, providing fair and effective public service are its few goals. It is carried out by the public servants who work in public departments and agencies, who would be at all levels of government and perform a wide range of tasks. They collect data analyze them, monitor budgets, draft the legislation, develop policies and execute legally the government activities. (Lynn.,2006). Public management considers that government and non-profit administration resembles private-sector management in some important ways. The main difference between the public management and the public administration is that it contrasts with the study of public administration, which emphasizes the social and cultural drivers of government that many contend. The public manager would deal with important infrastructure that directly and obviously affects the quality of life. (Flynn, 2003) This paper analyses the ppublic management reform in practice in Australia<br />

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