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Evaluation and Recommendations of the Brand Management Strategies of Puma

Number of Words : 3059

Number of References : 23


  Executive summary
  Brief history
  PUMA as a brand
  Brand value
  Target market
  Product range
  Brand image
  Identity elements – colour
  Puma’s logo
  Puma’s style
  Big Five by Jennifer Aaker
  Brand Endorsements
  Brand Effectiveness
  Key Brand Effectiveness Metrics
  Brand Personality
  Strengths and Weaknesses
  Model – Elliot. R – Building a Band in Mind Space
  Company’s Situation


This is an individual assignment based on the selection of one particular brand which illustrates its strengths and weakness with a view to determining its effectiveness. The report demonstrates brand value, the intended target market, product range and brand’s image with the realistic information collected from different sites and books. Puma has been selected as a brand, which is famous for its quality, innovation, colours and reputation. Desk research technique is applied for collecting the information which saves the time, cheap and gives large amount of information. The report also contains information regarding the brand situation. No doubt the recession hits the business but Puma is doing well, and based upon the research the revenue is more as compared to the competitors. It is very important for the companies to maintain the reputation in this competitive market. Finally the report is supported with the recommendations which are useful for the further improvements.<br />

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