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Purchase and Logistics plan for Table Tap Beer Tendering machines

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  Table Tap Beer Tendering Machines
  Purchase plan
  Logistics plan


Table Tender self service draft beer system is the patented advanced technology beer tendering machine developed by Table Tap LLC, that allows customers to tap beer at the tables without the assistance of waiters (Table Tap, 2009),. Table Tender is fixed at the center of the table with a meter attached to it to record the beer consumption to help the customers as well as waiters to know how much beer is being consumed at the particular table (Table Tap, 2009). The point of sale or server also remotely records and calculates the billed amount per table depending upon the consumption. The product is made up of flow meters, valves, LED or LCD displays, RFID readers and a patented Table Tender Computer Server that monitors and generate reports on consumption remotely (Table Tap, 2009). Flow meters send dispensing data to microcontrollers, which in turn send the data to computer server. Valves permit and restrict the flow of beer to customers. Valves are operated by RFID technology. LED or LCD displays the information of beer consumption. RFID readers and cards are used to operate taps. Table Tender computer server remotely monitors the beer consumption and computes the bills depending upon the consumption of beer at each table (Table Tap, 2009). The system alleviates the need for manually assisted beer tendering system and allows users to consume only that quantity of beer required by them without wastages. <br />

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