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A Qualitative Approach Is More than Just a Different Research Method - A Review of Its Fundamental Assumptions and Application in the Education Research

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 Introduction 2
 Principles of the Qualitative Approach 3
 Assumptions 4
 Basic Methods 6
 Using qualitative approaches in educational research 10
 General Disadvantages 12
 Conclusion 16
 References 18


The various research methods that are in utility today have actually faced a great degree of evolution over the years. Research today is an indispensible tool for further development and progress and it is interesting to note that this tool is under the phase of constant progress and development as well. In fact, it would not hurt to say that research is a tool which can be further divided in various sections or parts as per the requirement of the situation. What kind of research is undertaken then decides the right kind of research tools that need to be used. For example, if a correlation or a calculated causation effect needs to be analyzed, then a quantitative experiment or an observation would be utilized. However, if the research is about the opinion of the people and their behaviors, then the right approach would be to conduct a qualitative research. <br />

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