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Quality management report for a shop selling Whitegoods (refrigerators, washing machines, etc) in a western suburb of Sydney

Number of Words : 2954

Number of References : 8


 Executive Summary 1
 Background 3
 Total Quality Management Master Plan 3
 Continuous Improvement 4
 Various strategies of implementing TQM 5
 Action Plan for implementing TQM 7
 Actual results achieved after implementation of TQM system 12
 Conclusion 13
 Recommendations 13
 References 14
 Appendix – A 15
 Appendix – B 16


This report is based on the following requirement – <br />You are the new manager of a large shop selling whitegoods (refrigerators, washing machines, etc) in a western suburb of Sydney. You report to the owner of the shop who has no active involvement in the shop, but has firm expectations about how it will be managed. The owner has given you twelve months to successfully implement total quality management at the shop.<br />He has instructed you to prepare a short report that describes how the organisation will implement total quality management.<br />1. Describe how you will prove to the owner that you have successfully implemented Total Quality Management.<br />2. Write an Action Plan that lists the steps in implementing Total Quality Management at the whitegoods shop.<br />3. Describe each of the steps by stating in plain English what will be done, why it will be done, and who will do it.<br />You are not to use the process on pages 602-607 in Goetsch and Davis (2009) – find a process that has been published elsewhere, and which involves considerably less steps than the Goetsch and Davis process.<br />You should conduct research to identify a suitable process.<br />

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