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Analysis of the case study - Australia and New Zealand: doing business in Indonesia

Words : 2750

Section 1 – Cultural differences
Using the cultural dimensions explored in Module 1, discuss some of the ways in which Australian and New Zealand citizens are members of cultures or clusters that are different from the clusters in Indonesia (see Module 1 and its readings; about 800 words).
Insert the bar chart that you created in the research activity as an Appendix , but use the descriptions of differences between the countries in the text. Do NOT copy descriptions of national culture from Hofstede’s website for Assignment 1, but use a variety of sources to summarise and critique his approach.

Section 2 – Institutional context
Complete the table that will be placed on the course site, and provide a short summary of the basic economic and national differences between the 3 countries that can have implications for Australian companies in Indonesia
In addition to the above discuss in what respects is the Indonesian archipelago unique in Asia in terms of its:
   •   social institutions
   •   economic system
   •   level of industrialisation and
   •   religion? 
What characteristics of the Indonesian workplace should Australian or New Zealand companies take into account when they are planning their internationalisation strategy? (See Module 1 and its readings; about 1000 words.)

Section 3 – Entry strategies
Discuss three viable entry strategies that Australian or New Zealand firms could use if they establish a presence in Indonesia. Do not merely list all possible strategies, but focus on three viable entry strategies for the specific types of businesses. Note two business opportunities for Australian companies for foreign direct investment in Indonesia. (See Module2 and its readings; about 800 words.)

Section 4 – Strategic alliances
Review the website of Du Pont or Shell (noted in Module 3) for that company’s operation in Indonesia and Australia. Discuss the evidence on the website about that company’s organisational design for their subsidiary or presence in the country as well as evidence of strategic alliances that they have formed with Indonesian or Australian companies. (about 800 words)

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