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Management report

Words : 2500

For this assignment you are required to assume the role of a strategy consultant to your current company (or one that you have worked for in the past) and prepare a strategic board level management report on the company’s key competitive strategic issues addressing the following questions:

Using appropriate academic models and concepts identify and discuss the main internal and external factors that have affected the chosen organization and influenced the strategies it has employed to date.                            (30%)

Looking forwards, and again using suitable strategy models where appropriate, critically assess whether the organisation’s current strategies offer a good fit between the its resources and capabilities and the evolving external environment, identifying whether there are any areas of opportunity or risk that need to be addressed by senior management?                     (40%)

As a result of your previous analysis, identify at least two strategic options for the organization, and make recommendations to the senior management about which strategy to follow, supported by your reasons and commenting on how you would implement your proposals.                            (30%)

Word Count: 2,500 words

48-72 Hours
Just 4-10 Days
11+ days

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