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Questions on the subject of Customer Needs

Words : 3500

1. Explain the procedures, which could be implemented in a workplace to identify and analyse customer needs, wants and expectations. Also explain how you would determine whether current products/ services meet customer needs and expectations?

2. How can an organisation encourage contribution by employees to continuous Improvement of customer service? Also discuss the advantages of encouraging employee contribution to continuous improvement?

3. How would you make sure that organisational employees at workplace are aware of the rights and responsibilities of customers and discuss the importance of all employees clearly understand the customer's rights. Name the laws which cover consumer rights.

4. Discuss how ‘strong product knowledge of employees’ can help to meet customer needs, Also list down some points you could tell customers, which would encourage them to Purchase from you, particularly those customers who might have indicated a negative Response.

5. How should information with regard to meeting special needs or resolving customer difficulties be communicated at a workplace? Discuss the importance of customers, who bring problems, difficulties or complaint situations to your notice. Also briefly explain the methods which can be used to collect customer feedback.

6. Discuss the procedures which you would use for determining and prioritising the action plan to satisfy customers’ needs.

7. Read the following scenario and answer the questions.
Pam is a customer agent. She is calling a customer to confirm that a product ordered by a customer has actually met the customer's needs. The phone is answered by Leanne 
"Good afternoon. Training Department. This Leanne Roberts. How may I help you?"
"Hello, Leanne. I'm glad I reached you. This is Pam Evans from the Easy Contact Book Company. I'm just calling to see how you liked the book, on how to sell in the new millennium that you ordered from us a few weeks ago.
"You must have been reading my mind, I was just thinking about that." Leanne answered. "It was excellent."
"I'm glad to hear that," Pam replied, making a note of Leanne's remark in the database.
"There's only one problem," said Leanne, "I've received a second invoice for the order and I've already paid for it."
Checking her database, Pam said, "Yes, I see your payment has definitely been received.
Your payment and our reminder notice must have crossed in the mail. I'm sorry about that. You should not receive any more invoices for that purchase."
"Oh, don't worry. I know these things happen," Leanne replied. "Actually, I'm glad you called because I actually need a few more books. I've just been promoted to manager of our 
training department."
"Congratulations!" Pam said warmly. "It's not often people have good news like that to share."
Leanne replied, "It's something I've wanted for a long time, although I have to admit I'm a bit nervous. Finding the right trainer for the right topic is easy enough, but I actually have to deliver some of the training myself. Our Time Management trainer backed out at the last 
"That'll be a challenge," Pam remarked before adding, "But I think I have just the right book for you to use".
While Leanne was talking, Pam had updated the database to show that Leanne had been promoted to manager. She then did a computer search on time management and came up with the names of several books and was able to recommend one that was a best seller for Easy Contact.
"This one actually sounds like it might be fun. According to the reviews, it is supposed to be hilarious. Lots of cartoons, easy reading and absolutely fabulous tips on how to manage your time. How about this tip? 'Get up when the alarm rings. That'll add at least half an hour to each day'." Pam told Leanne.
"That sounds a bit more interesting that some of the other stuff around," Leanne said, "I'd love to read it. The only problem is - I need it yesterday! I have to give the workshop a week this Friday."
"If you like, for a small charge, I can have it sent by courier. That way you can have it by tomorrow afternoon, just in time to take it home for the weekend."
"Oh, that would be great!" Leanne said.
Before hanging up, Pam updated the database with Leanne's new office suite number. She also found out what other training topics Leanne was responsible for and offered to enclose, with her purchase, some promotional literature on books that might be of interest. She also agreed to keep Leanne up-to date with any new material coming onto the market. She wished Leanne good luck with her time management training and ended the call.
After she hung up, Pam discovered another book that could help Leanne. It was a book on how to design a workshop in five hours or less. Leanne was delighted when Pam called back. She told her to send her that book as well as the one on time management.
A week and a half later, Pam called to see how Leanne's workshop went. Leanne said that everyone loved the book on time management and that the participants had given her an A-
rating on her presentation. She thanked Pam for her assistance and asked for the telephone number of Pam's supervisor. She wanted to call and praise Pam for service that had 
exceeded her expectations. She also said that, given the quality of books and customer care she had received, she would definitely be ordering more books from Easy Contact.
Leanne placed an order for 50 of the Time Management books, to distribute to her training participants and asked for literature on any books Easy Contact might have about customer service, office procedures and how to handle difficult customers.
Pam mailed out the literature on books that covered these topics, made a note of her actions and included Leanne on the mail-out data base so that promotional literature related to these topics would automatically be sent to her in future.
Finally, she scheduled a reminder to call Leanne in two weeks (Pc- 3.1)

   •   In making the call to follow up the original sale, what was Pam actually doing?
   •   Describe what Pam did to build rapport and a good relationship with the customer?
   •   In making a single phone call there were a number of positive outcomes. What were the positive outcomes for:

a.   The customer?

b.   The call centre customer representative?

c.   The book company (client) on whose behalf the call was made?

8. Which professional associations or networks currently supply you with information and give you support (networks could be in relation to your home, social or work life)? Are they internal (within the home, social group, work environment) or external (outside the home, social group, work environment)? How do they add value or benefit to you? (PC- 3.2)

Learners may answer using following format
Network or Associations
Information/ support
Internal/ external benefits

Also explain, do you find that you gain more information and/or support through your network Contacts than you provide? What does this imply?

9. Describe the legal procedures used for the customer services and their needs which are based on the product and services available within the business market

10. Describe the methods of how to maintain the records of a customer through the organisational procedures

300-400 word answer to each of the questions.

48-72 Hours
Just 4-10 Days
11+ days

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