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Ebusiness report on different scenarios

4000 words

Scenario 1
Ideal DIY Store (IDS) have 5 branches in different cities of UK. They currently operate in old fashion bricks and mortar business style. IDS has very hardworking and efficient team but often face difficulty with their suppliers and unable to evaluate customers’ demands. Top management is unable to understand customer’s problems. Now it’s a matter of their survival. You have been employed as an MIS (Managing Information System) officer by IDS.
You are required to prepare a report to explain, what need to be done to transform an old fashioned brick and mortar into Click and Mortar business model.
Task 1:
(Task 1 meets LO 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 2.1) describe the environment in which e-business is conducted and business transaction types, explain the benefits and barriers to businesses considering an online presence.
Word Count: 1000 words approx.
Within an organization (IDS) there are various departments (such as, supply chain, marketing, customer relationship, accounts, and administration etc.) that exist for different purposes. For IDS, explain the following
1. e-Business solution
2. benefits and barriers to this business considering an online presence
3. Identify the security issues to IDS e-business model and describe preventive measure you would suggest.
4. Explain the internet technologies and their importance in making an e-business successful
While answering the questions you are required to imagine IDS (brick and mortar) as an organisation.
Evidence format: Task 1 should be in paragraph form with suitable references be supplied.
[Athar Naqvi)\ [HNC in Business]\ [Assessment no.1]
Don’s Lumber Company on Hudson River is one of the oldest retail lumberyards in New York State. It features a large selection of materials for flooring, decks, moldings, windows, siding, and roofing. The prices of lumber and other building materials are constantly changing. When a customer inquiries about the price on pre- finished wood flooring, sales representatives consult a manual price sheet and then call the supplier for the most recent price. The supplier in turn uses a manual price sheet, which has been updated each day. Often the supplier must call back Don’s sales reps because the company does not have the newest pricing information immediately on hand.
Task 2:
(Task 2 meets learning outcome 3, Word Count: 1500 approx)
1. Illustrate the different e-business models that can be best suited for Don’s Lumber Company
a. Describe how this process could be improved with e-Business solution? b. Analyseeachmodelintermsofitscapacitytogeneraterevenue
Evidence format: Task 2 should be in paragraph form with suitable references supplied.
Merit – M1
M1 Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions.
M1 will be awarded if the students demonstrate in Task 2.2 that: effective judgements have been made.
In order to achieve M1 the students are required to discuss the implications of e-Business models and their appropriateness. In Task 3 will have for the industry in the future and judge whether or not Don’s Lumber Company can be benefited by e-Business solutions.
Evidence format: Present your answer in paragraph form with a clear and logical format.
Distinction – D1
D1 Use critical reflection to evaluate your own work and justify valid conclusions.
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[Athar Naqvi)\ [HNC in Business]\ [Assessment no.1]
Page 8 of 11 D1 will be awarded if the students in Task 2.2 and M1 can demonstrate that: conclusions have been arrived
at through a synthesis of ideas and have been justified.
Based on the implications discussed in Task 3 and M1 above, the students will be awarded D1 if they suggest possible changes that organisations could implement now in order to take advantage of (or to minimize any negative impacts of), these recent developments.
Evidence format: Present your answer in paragraph form with a clear and logical format.
[Athar Naqvi)\ [HNC in Business]\ [Assessment no.1]
Key features of Amazon websites include editorial and customer reviews; manufacturer product information; Web pages tailored to individual preferences, such as recommendations and notifications; 1- Click technology; secure payment systems; image uploads; searching on Amazon’s websites as well as the Internet; browsing; and the ability to view selected interior pages and citations, and search the entire contents of many of the books they offer with their “Look Inside the Book” and “Search Inside the Book” features. Their community of online customers also creates feature-rich content, including product reviews, online recommendation lists, wish lists, buying guides, and wedding and baby registries.” case study by By Dave Chaffey, June, 30, 2014
Task 3:
(Task 3 meets learning outcome 2.3, 2.4, 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3.), Word Count: 1500 words approx..
1. Analysethefunctionsofclientserversandbrowsers,andtheroleofthesearchengine and search facility of a website (keeping Amazon website in mind)
2. Evaluatetheuseofintranetsandextranetswithinbusinesscommunication
3. Indicate the key elements of good web design structure (with perspective)
4. Identifyissuesconcerningwebsiteusability

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